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Literature Review On Social Media Recruitment

The use of social media as a recruitment tool for research with humans is increasing, and likely to continue to grow. Despite this, to date there has been no specific regulatory guidance and little in the bioethics literature to guide investigators and IRBs faced with navigating the ethical issues it.

  • Social media (SM) recruiting is arguably a competitive strategy that more and more companies will need to adapt in their overall business strategy and will be very important in the future. SM has already impacted and changed the nature of the traditional recruitment process.

  • This study aims at demonstrating how social media shape the recruitment and selection processes of individuals in developing countries. It further explores the impacts of social media on business productivity, cost efficiency, widening of search, less employee turnover and competitive advantage mediated by adopting e-recruitment processes.

  • the recruiter nation survey 2015 (jobvite, 2015) state that recruiter uses every tool available to connect with job seekers: only 4% of recruiters are not using social media in recruiting efforts;72% of recruiters say data analytics is somewhat or very important in the hiring process; after referrals (78%), recruiters find their best candidates.

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